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Approx Running Time 34:53
$14.95 Plus S & H
Neal Fucks Dawn
Neal has always been one of Dawn's favorite black studs. Dawn knows anytime Neal is coming to a party she can on a nice long hard pounding ride. This time is no exception. From the minute Dawn climbs on top of Neal's rock hard cock, Dawn starts moaning and groaning as soon Neal buries himself deep inside her sloppy wet pussy. In no time Neal's long black cock has Dawn cumming over and over again before he unloads his balls into Dawn's hungry pussy. You don't want to miss this video as Neal pounds Dawn in every position while Dawn's sounds and facial expressions lets you know just how much she loves Neal's big black cock as Neal buries himself giving Dawn every inch of his big black tool.

Approx Running Time 61:00
$19.95 Plus S & H
Dawn At The Theater
Dawn couldn't wait to get back to Gary, Indiana and make another visit to the adult theater. It had been well advertised that Dawn was returning for her third round with the guys at CTS and they turned out in huge numbers to welcome her back. As soon as Dawn entered the theater section she was swarmed by men ready to pound her and empty their balls into Dawn's three willing holes. These guys fucked Dawn mercilously as she takes load after load. For over an hour the guys of CTS gave Dawn what she craved, BIG HARD COCK hammering her mouth, pussy and ass. After almost an hour of this nonstop gangbang Dawn gets put on her knees while the reamaining men shoot their cum in her mouth and all over her face in a nasty bukake.

Approx Running Time 20:00
$14.95 Plus S & H
Dawn Fucked By Twins
Dawn travels to Boston for one the hardest pounding weekends I've ever seen Dawn take in almost 9 years. On Friday night Dawn gets gangbanged by twelve big black studs. But NOW it's Saturday and three more hung black men have come knocking on Dawn's door. Twin brothers and a third friend put Dawn to the test as they gang up on her. The fucked her on the couch, they fucked her on the floor and just as it seemed Dawn could take no more the took her to the bedroom where they start working her over again. All three empty themselves into Dawn as she cums over and over again on these three huge cocks.

Approx Running Time 59:47
$19.95 Plus S & H
Used By Blacks Volume 8
Dawn Returns To New Orleans

Dawn's return to New Orleans is celebrated once again by the Big Easy Bareback Riders These Big Black Cock Studs couldn't wait to have another crack at Dawn's holes. Once again they took adavantage of Dawn's willingness to submit her body without hesitation to big black cock. These guys didn't even wait for Dawn to get naked before they were probing her holes and bending her over things to get a better look at where their cum filled balls would be depositing their cum. Dawn takes load after huge load as these guys pound her mercilously two and three at a time. Several times Dawn's pussy was overflowing with cum as these guys empty themselves into her. Dawn's return to New Orleans is a DVD you will definitely want to add to your collection from Dawn's Used By Blacks Series.

Approx Running Time 62:00
$19.95 Plus S & H
Dawn's Ft. Lauderdale GB 2
It had been a while since Dawn had been to Ft. Lauderdale. After numerous requests she decided it was time to return for another party. She was promised a huge turnout and that was exactly what she got. Not only did these guys turnout for a night of Gangbanging Dawn, They hammered her in ever conceivable position and hole. They jumped her two, three and four at a time relentlessly pounding Dawn into orgasm after orgasm. This video is crammed full of nonstop fucking and sucking and cumshots as Dawn takes on these horny guys for over an hour. By the time the guys were finished with her Dawn could barely crawl off the bed to the shower to clean up her ravaged body from the nights activities.

Approx Running Time 52:13
$19.95 Plus S & H
Dawn & Violet Gangbanged
A friend of Dawn's drove up to Cincinnati to join in on one of Dawn's private parties. Dawn had been telling Violet for some time about her gangbang parties and Violet had always wanted to attend one. Dawn and Violet, two cute little plumpers were anxiously awaiting as the guys started showing up for the night's event. Once everyone showed up it took no time for the guys to be all over the two women. The quickly tossed the girls on the bed and started going to town on the girls. Arms and legs were flying everywhere. Each time the girls thought they might have a small break, more guys would hop on the bed and start working the girls over again. When the guys finally started wearing themselves out Dawn and Violet hadn't had enough and decided to give the men a little girl/girl show before doubleteaming one of the men. After the guy blew his load into the girls mouths these two lovely ladies snowballed, swapping the man's cum back and forth into each others mouth. These two women get doubleteamed, triple teamed and at one point Violet climbs onto Dawn's face, reaches out and pulls Dawn's legs back so the big black stud can bury himself balls deep inside Dawn while Violet grinds her pussy on Dawn's mouth muffling her screaming orgasm.

Approx Running Time 24:44
$14.95 Plus S & H
The Return Of Brutus Black
If you liked Dawn's first DVD with Brutus Black, you're gonna LOVE this one. This DVD is Interracial, Bareback, Hardcore Sex at its' raunchiest. Brutus, a big, balck, hard body muscleman FUCKS DAWN'S FACE before eating Dawn to orgasm. Once Brutus has Dawn nice and juicy he throws Dawn's legs up onto his shoulders and takes careful aim at Dawn's ASSHOLE burying his BIG BLACK COCK BALLS DEEP into Dawn's tight ass. As she grips the sheets Brutus brings Dawn to yet another orgasm before turning her over to pound her sloppy wet pussy doggie style. Unable to hold back any longer Brutus puts Dawn on her back once again to FUCK HER TITS before blowing a huge load onto Dawn's face and into her cum hungry mouth.

Approx Running Time 46:52
$19.95 Plus S & H
Dawn Gangbanged At The Theater
Dawn's second night at the theater was unbelievable. Dawn walked into the theatre where over 45 men were waiting for her. The men were anxiously awaiting Dawn's arrival. Dawn had already spent an hour in the gloryhole booths, sucking and fucking total strangers. Now she was ready to get some real pounding. The men had left one open seat for Dawn. As soon as she sat down men started coming up to her and started feeling her up and shoving their fingers inside of her. Dawn started sucking and jacking cocks as fast as she could but the men wanted Dawn on her back so they could start ramming her with their cocks. The put Dawn on a Doctor's table and the guys started taking turns using Dawn's pussy and mouth to satisfy themselves. I have no idea how many hard cocks dumped their loads into Dawn on this second night at the theater, but I do know that when Dawn walked out of the theater she could hardly walk from her two nights of fucking and sucking all the strangers at the theater.

Approx Running Time 52:40
$19.95 Plus S & H
Used By Blacks Volume 7
Big Easy Bareback Riders Gangbang Dawn

Everything is EASY in New Orleans, EXCEPT The Big Easy Bareback Riders. They were HARD AS ROCK as Dawn knelt before them DEEPTHROATING one BIG BLACK COCK after another. They put Dawn on the bed and pulled her legs back and up over her head so each of the Bareback Riders could bury himself BALLS DEEP into Dawn's SLOPPY WET PUSSY. They each pounded Dawn into orgasm holding her legs so she had no choice but to take the Big Black Cocks. Next they put Dawn on top having her ride the Black Dicks until Dawn JUMPED UP and SHOT A STREAM, squirting all over the guy below her. She dropped back down on the cock just in time to have a SECOND Big Black Cock OPEN HER ASS for a hard pounding DOUBLE PENETRATION. These guys in The Big Easy FUCKED DAWN SENSELESS as they hammered and pounded Dawn into orgasm after orgasm while they took turns pumping their LOADS OF CUM into Dawn's hungry pussy.

Approx Running Time 28:36
$14.95 Plus S & H
Chris & Neal Fuck Dawn
Chris and Neal TWO BIG BLACK BULLS Found Dawn in the hotel bar. While introducing themselves they found Dawn WASN'T WEARING ANY PANTIES under her SHORT SKIRT. They invited Dawn up to their suite for a night of HARD POUNDING PUSSY FUCKING. Dawn being the BIG BLACK COCK loving slut that she is, quickly took the two black men up on their offer. Once in their room, they quickly stripped Dawn's top off and left her in her HEELS and SKIRT. They moved Dawn and BENT HER OVER A TABLE. Putting one of Dawn's legs up on the table the TWO BIG BLACK COCKS entered HER MOUTH AND PUSSY. After Dawn took A HUGE LOAD IN HER MOUTH, the men put Dawn on the bed to receive another HUGE LOAD this time IN HER SOAKING WET PUSSY. The first guy was ready to go again and proceeded to fuck Dawn's CUM FILLED PUSSY for a NASTY SLOPPY SECONDS pounding. Dawn got her THIRD CUM SHOT yet again in her already wore out pussy while RIDING A HUGE COCK. By the end of the session, these two Black Men had SHOT SIX LOADS of cum into Dawn and she was very glad she'd visited the bar.

Approx Running Time 32:52
$14.95 Plus S & H
Black McNasty Fucks Dawn
Dawn, The Mandingo Girl meets up with Dee, AKA Black McNasty the founder of The Mandingo Clubs. Dee is the one that gave Dawn the name Mandingo Girl and named her the Official Mascot of The Mandingo Club. Dee wanted to make sure that Dawn still deserved her status as the Official Mascot of The Mandingo Club. Dawn the BIG BLACK COCK lover that she is was anxious to please and prove that Dee was right in giving her that honor. Dawn slurped and sucked Dee till she had him ROCK HARD and ready for action. Dawn quickly MOUNTED the Big Black Dick and RODE Dee hard and long till she had multiple orgasms. Dee WANTED CONTROL so he rolled Dawn onto her back and THREW HER LEGS UP and BACK OVER HER HEAD so he could BURY HIS HARD COCK DEEP INSIDE Dawn. Dee put Dawn on ALL FOURS and POUNDED HER FROM BEHIND and Dawn kept cumming and cumming. When Dee slowed his pace Dawn BEGGED HIM TO FUCK HER. Dee obliged pounding Dawn into yet another orgasm until he pulled out and SHOT HIS CUM while Dawn LAPPED UP EVERY DROP of her creamy reward.

Approx Running Time 60:17
$14.95 Plus S & H
The Doctor Session 1
Dawn is meeting with her new doctor to try to deal with her sexual addiction. The Doctor takes control of Dawn in their first session and puts Dawn into numerous positions torturing Dawn with his fingers, ice and an electric toothbrush. Tickling Dawn's armpits, feet, nipples and clit. Dawn is made to hold her legs up and spread while the doctor works his magic on her different tickle spots while blindfolded, so she doesn't know where the Doctor will strike next. After Dawn's tickle torture was complete, Dawn was ordered to bend over the couch where she was to receive a good hard paddling with a coarse ping pong paddle. Dawn took her punishment well. The Doctor then ordered Dawn to the front of the couch where he administered another set of swats to Dawn's already red ass. When the Doctor had finished spanking Dawn he had her open her legs and masturbate to orgasm for the camera.

Approx Running Time 70:05
$19.95 Plus S & H
Dawn's Adult Theatre Gangbang
On our first night at the Adult Theatre we really didn't know what to expect. Dawn walked into the theatre where over 75 men were waiting for her. Some were there to take part and some were there to watch. When Dawn sat down in an open seat she was surrounded by guys with their cocks out. Dawn started sucking and jacking cocks as fast as she could but they just kept on coming at her. The put Dawn on a Doctor's table that had been set up in the theatre and the guys started taking turns using Dawn's pussy, mouth and hands to satisfy themselves. By the end of the night Dawn had been fucked by 22 men, sucked 26 and given handjobs to 6 more. Needless to say Dawn's first ever trip to an adult theatre was one she would never forget.

Approx Running Time 36:32
$14.95 Plus S & H
Dawn At The Glory Hole
Dawn and I took a two day trip to Gary, Indiana for Dawn's FIRST EVER visit to an Adult Theatre. The action on this video took place on Dawn's SECOND NIGHT. This was Dawn's FIRST EVER experience in a GLORY HOLE. Dawn spread her blanket on the ground because the floor was already a mess from the guys that had been in the booth earlier and left their cum. As Dawn knelt down, immediately a cock was put through the hole in the wall. Dawn quickly gobbled up the man's dick until he shot his load into Dawn's mouth. I wonder if he knew that it was none other than The Redhead In Heat who was sucking his cock. Soon after, another cock was pushed through the hole just as a guy come into Dawn's side of the booth and had her stand up and bend over so he could FUCK DAWN FROM BEHIND while she gave the guy in the other booth a blowjob. Cock after cock was put through the Glory Hole for Dawn to suck off while Cock after Cock was pushed into Dawn from behind to use her pussy while she sucked off the anonymous strangers in the other booth.

Approx Running Time 43:59
$14.95 Plus S & H
Duane Fucks Dawn
Duane met Dawn at her hotel room. Little did Dawn know that Duane sported a ROCK HARD COCK and a stamina for fucking that would put a Sybian Fucking Machine to shame. This guy was unbelievable! He fucked Dawn nonstop while CUMMING 3 TIMES and never losing his hard on once. He fucked Dawn in every position giving Dawn orgasm after orgasm. But when he put Dawn on all fours over a pillow on the bed and took steady aim at her asshole with his big black cock I knew Dawn was going to get an anal reaming she would never forget. After Duane came for the third time, Dawn lay spent on the bed, barely able to move from the relentless pounding she had taken from her big black cock stud.

Approx Running Time 70:25
$19.95 Plus S & H
Used By Blacks Volume 6
Dawn Returns To Atlanta

Dawn returns to Atlanta and meets with 8 BIG BLACK HORNY MEN who wanted nothing more than to use Dawn's THREE HOLES as their personal playground. Dawn was spread out on the couch and Three men immediately took control of her, eating her pussy, fucking her face and biting her nipples. To allow more guys in on the fun they placed Dawn over the couch and took turns fucking Dawn's pussy and face. Next they took Dawn into the bedroom and placed her on all fours while the guys continued their round robin fucking of Dawn, not even giving Dawn a chance to catch her breath after orgasms as each man would take the place of the guy before him. These guys pounded Dawn for over an hour hammering all Three of Dawn's holes before Two of the guys put Dawn into a DP postion and stretched out Dawn's Pussy and Asshole at the same time. Finally as Dawn lay limp from her gangbang they put her on her knees surrounded by BBC as the guys took turns using Dawn's face and mouth to empty their balls, shooting huge loads in and on Dawn.

Approx Running Time 26:53
$14.95 Plus S & H
Dillon Fucks Dawn
Dawn and Dillon started out on the couch with some kissing and heavy petting. I could tell Dawn was getting wet when she opened her mouth to accept Dillon's tongue and then opened her legs to accept his fingers. As Dawn grew more aroused Dillon put Dawn on her knees between his open legs and grabbed hold of both sides of her head to fuck her face. Dawn LOVED IT as she took as much of Dillon's BBC into her throat as she could. Then Dillon took Dawn into the bedroom where he proceeded to mount Dawn and pound her into MULTIPLE SQUIRTING ORGASMS. I've seen Dawn squirt before BUT NEVER as much as she squirted with Dillon. By the time these two were finished our bed was SOAKEN WET with Dawn's SQUIRTING ORGASMS. At one point as Dillon was fucking Dawn she looked up at him with those BIG BROWN INNOCENT EYES and BEGGED Dillon to FUCK HER HARDER. You could see the lust in her eyes as she came to yet another orgasms as Dillon more than obliged her plea and HAMMERED DAWN'S PUSSY as he SHOT A HUGE LOAD into Dawn.

Approx Running Time 29:58
$14.95 Plus S & H
The Cuckold
He sat and watched as Dawn POUNDED HER PUSSY with the BIG BLACK DILDO. Shoving it in and out of her pussy until it was soaked wet. Dawn ordered THE CUCKOLD to come over to her and LICK THE DILDO CLEAN. He obeyed immediately, tasting Dawn's SWEET PUSSY JUICE. Then the BIG BLACK MAN entered the room and The Cuckold watched as he FUCKED DAWN'S MOUTH with his HUGE BLACK COCK. The Cuck was forced to sit in a chair near the bed and watch as the black man HAMMERED DAWN'S PUSSY with his MASSIVE TOOL. Dawn climbed on top of her BLACK LOVER and RODE HIS HARD COCK for all she was worth. The Black Man fucked Dawn in every position as the Cuckold could only SIT, WATCH and LISTEN as the HARD BLACK COCK brought Dawn to ORGASM after ORGASM. Finally the Black Stud could hold out no longer and BURIED A HUGE LOAD of cum into Dawn's waiting pussy. The cuckold was then told to CLEAN UP Dawn's OVERFLOWING PUSSY and EAT EVERY LAST DROP of the Black Man's Cum. Which he obediently did.

Approx Running Time 33:21
$19.95 Plus S & H
Used By Blacks Volume 5
Dawn In Hotlanta

Dawn travelled to Atlanta to meet with a yahoo group called The Dirty South Gangbang Boyz. Dawn was the featured guest at their Saturday Night Gangbang Party and DAMN does she get GANGBANGED. I don't know how many guys had their BBC inside Dawn's sloppy wet pussy that night BUT I do know that each guy POUNDED DAWN MERCILOUSLY, filling Dawn's mouth and pussy with their Big Black Dicks bringing Dawn to multiple orgasms and filling her pussy with cum as Dawn takes on the guys One, Two and Three at a Time while the crowd watching cheered and urged them not to pull out but to fill her up with their cum.

Approx Running Time 36:59
$14.95 Plus S & H
Rod Fucks Dawn
That was the BIGGEST BLACK COCK I've ever seen! Dawn told me after Rod had left our house. Trust me, Dawn has been fucked by more than her share of BBC. But I have to admit when Dawn reached into Rod's jeans and pulled his MONSTER COCK out, I knew that Rod was going to STRETCH DAWN OUT more than she'd ever been stretched before. Dawn couldn't wait to see how far she could get Rod's HORSE COCK DOWN HER THROAT. Dawn gave it everything she could but could only get about half of Rod's dick into her mouth. But what she really wanted was for Rod to BURY HIS BLACK COCK into her pussy. Once Rod started FUCKING DAWN, she gasped and said, "I LOVE THIS BLACK DICK." Dawn told Rod to show her HOW MUCH HE LOVED HER WHITE PUSSY. Rod didn't dissappoint Dawn as he pounded her mercilously to numerous orgasms until he EMPTIED HIS BALLS into Dawn's SLOPPY WET PUSSY.

Approx Running Time 46:54
$14.95 Plus S & H
Charles & Dillon Fuck Dawn
OH MY GOD! Is the ONLY way to describe this video. Charles & Dillon, two BIG BLACK BULLS, hammered Dawn BAREBACK relentlessly for almost an hour. By the time this session was over Dawn could hardly walk straight. Theses guys POUNDED Dawn like they were FUCKING MACHINES. They WORKED HER OVER with their COCK, FINGERS and MOUTHS, bringing Dawn to such SCREAMING ORGASMS they had trouble keeping her on the bed. When they put DAWN ON TOP she RODE THEIR COCKS like a WILD WOMAN POSSESSED. Dillon was the first to CUM in DAWN'S THROBBING PUSSY pounding Dawn and BURRYING HIS LOAD deep into her. Charles quickly followed suit bringing Dawn to orgasm with a SLOPPY SECONDS pounding that had DILLON'S CUM FLOWING out of Dawn's SLOPPY PUSSY. By the time these guys finished with Dawn I almost felt sorry for her, untill I saw the LOOK OF SATISFACTION on her face.

Approx Running Time 24:14
$19.95 Plus S & H
Dawn and Blondie Gangbanged
Dawn and Blondie met up in Ft. Lauderdale at the Online Florida Lifestyle Party. Dawn and Blondie have gotten together before but they've never been fucked before by multiple guys on the same bed. So I knew this was going to be something special. The whole room was full of people anxiously waiting to watch the orgy that was about to take place. Blondie on her back and Dawn on her hands and knees was quite a site as the black guys all took turns using the two ladies. This video is non-stop action as each of the girls took their medicine from these big black cocks. Listening to these two women moaning and groaning and their screaming orgasms was something else. Dawn was so hoarse after this event from her loud orgasms she could hardly talk, expecially after Blondie was able to take no more of the pounding, Dawn was left on the bed alone to try to finish off the guys alone. They didn't leave disappointed.

Approx Running Time 36:16
$14.95 Plus S & H
Art and Mike Fuck Dawn
Dawn was surprising Art, the leader of The Florida Mandingos for his birthday. She was going to be his BIRTHDAY PRESENT for some one on one hardcore fucking. We've know Art for over 5 years and in that entire time Art and Dawn have NEVER fucked. Well, Art's Birthday was about to get a LOT better. Dawn presented herself to Art and immediately he moved her to the bedroom where Dawn proceded to suck Art's Big Black Cock. Art mouth fucked Dawn hard shoving himself down Dawn's throat. Then they stripped each other Down and Art JUMPED Dawn like it was his first piece of Ass. He had Dawn's legs up over his shoulders so he could bury himself BALLS DEEP into Dawn's soaking pussy. Then Art asked Dawn if she was ready for a REAL MANDINGO FUCKING and Dawn greedily told him she wanted it all. Art called his friend into the room and together they POUNDED Dawn's pussy and mouth till Dawn could hardly move. I've no idea how many orgasms Dawn had but I can tell you that by the end all 3 were covered in sweat and Dawn's makeup was all but gone and she looked like she'd been gangbanged by 15 guys instead of just taking on these two Florida Mandingos.

Approx Running Time 48:52
$19.95 Plus S & H
Used By Blacks Volume 4
Dawn's Boston Gangbang

Dawn travelled to Boston to meet with a yahoo group called The All Black New England Gangbangers. It was Friday night and Dawn THOUGHT she was ready. That is until the NINE BLACK MEN walked into her hotel suite. Dawn's eyes were big as saucers as she knew this WAS NOT going to be just another gangbang. All nine guys quickly stripped down and had Dawn on the couch sucking each guy to an erection. It didn't take long till they PLACED DAWN ON ALL FOURS and started using her mouth and pussy. At one point they STUFFED TWO DICKS into Dawn's mouth while another guy was pounding Dawn from behind. For OVER 48 MINUTES these nine guys had Dawn SCREAMING, MOANING and CUMMING all over their cocks and balls. One guy at one point said, "SHOVE SOMETHING IN HER MOUTH AND KEEP HER QUIET. Well that didn't work as Dawn's orgasms weren't to be denied. Finally they took Dawn to the bedroom and each guy had his turn FUCKING DAWN'S RAW PUSSY till he came. Dawn was FUCKED SO HARD and LONG that after all the guys left she spent the NEXT TWO HOURS soaking her SORE PUSSY and ASS in the tub.

Approx Running Time 24:25
$19.95 Plus S & H
Cross N Swing Gangbang
Dawn was attending a party at a private residence near Tampa but she had no idea what lay in store for her that night. As the party was taking place, Dawn was invited to take a tour of the party house. As the host was showing Dawn around I noticed more and more guys were joining in the tour following closely behind. One of the guys came up to me and said grab your cameras this is going to be good! As the tour started on the bottom floor of the home the guys took Dawn by the arms and entered the "PLAY ROOM". They quickly fastened Dawn to a cross and got out a FLORGGER to REDDEN DAWN'S ASS. After turning her around to TEASE and STIMULATE Dawn the guys got DAWN'S PUSSY GOOD and WET, they moved her over to the SEX SWING where each guys took turns FUCKING DAWN'S PUSSY and MOUTH until each guy SHOT HIS LOAD into DAWN'S PUSSY.

Approx Running Time 26:55
$19.95 Plus S & H
Dawn's Ft. Lauderdale Gangbang
Dawn travelled to Ft. Lauderdale to attend an Online Florida Lifestyles Party. Dawn's evening started out with a couple guys that she'd fucked on a number of occassions and quickly turned into a free for all as more and more guys kept coming into the room to see what was going on in Dawn's room. Two and Three guys at a time took turns in round robin fuck sessions with Dawn using her pussy, ass and mouth. By the time this gangbang was over Dawn had taken cumshots in her mouth, on her face in her hair and in her pussy as about 15 guys satisfied themselves using all of Dawn's holes for their pleasure.

Approx Running Time 19:54
$14.95 Plus S & H
Brutus Black Fucks Dawn
When Dawn met Brutus Black at The Spring Fling Party being thrown by Brutus and Skunk Riley in St. Pete she knew she wanted this hunk between her legs. Brutus is an ex Ball Player and Body Builder and is nothing but rippling muscle from head to toe. Dawn took advantage of every opportunity throughout the weekend to tease Brutus waiting for her turn to get hold of him. Finally the time came when it was Dawn's turn and from the first kiss Brutus had Dawn dripping wet. By the time Brutus had Dawn drop to her knees to suck his cock, Dawn was moaning at every touch and quickly engulfed Brutus as deep in her throat as she could get him. Brutus moved Dawn to the bed and started fingering Dawn's pussy till she could take no more and had to have Brutus inside of her. Brutus, however, kept control and put Dawn in the positions he wanted her in, including pushing Dawn's feet up over her head spreading her ass so he could take advantage of Dawn's asshole. Brutus pounded Dawn doggie style till he could take no more and pulls out to have Dawn perform her deepthroat talent on him until he blows his load into her hungry mouth so she could drain his dick of every drop of his cum.

Approx Running Time 22:55
$14.95 Plus S & H
Dawn's Humiliation
Dawn's party with her friends started out great. But when Dawn's MISTRESS and friend showed up Dawn knew she was in trouble. They brought Dawn to the center of the room in front of all her friends. They COLLARED and LEASHED her and removed her skirt exposing Dawn's ass for the entire room's view. They handed out paddles and announced that Dawn was going to be their toy for the remainder of the night. The DOMMES proceeded to redden Dawn's ass with their paddles and then paraded her around the room allowing each of Dawn's friends to paddle her also. The men received an additional bonus as Dawn was also made to SUCK THEIR COCKS as one of the Dommes took great pleasure in fucking Dawn doggie style with her STRAPON. Dawn's humilitian at the hands of the Dommes and her friends wasn't complete until each man was allowed to use Dawn's mouth as their personal CUM BUCKET.

Approx Running Time 27:56
$19.95 Plus S & H
Volume 3 of Dawn's "USED BY BLACKS" Series
Handed Over To Blacks

The Captain finished using Dawn but Dawn's night was FAR FROM OVER. The Captain's cum was still DRIPPING from Dawn's pussy as The Captain left the room leaving Dawn STRAPPED in the SEX SWING. After The Captain left, 7 BIG BLACK MEN walked in each with a RAGING HARDON! They had been watching The Captain as he SPANKED and FUCKED Dawn into MULTIPLE ORGASMS on monitors outside the "playroom". Now it was THEIR TURN TO USE DAWN'S HOLES. The Black Men took their positions around Dawn. One between Dawn's outstretched legs and two more at Dawn's head. Each of the SEVEN BLACK MEN took turns FUCKING DAWN'S PUSSY and MOUTH. Then several of them decided Dawn's ASSHOLE needed STRETCHING. Every SINGLE BLACK MAN had their turn POUNDING DAWN'S HOLES, filling Dawn's MOUTH and PUSSY with cum, making their DEPOSITS into DAWN'S SPERM BANK until finally leaving Dawn as they found her, STRAPPED in the SEX SWING with CUM DRIPPING OUT from her pussy.

Approx Running Time 38:35
$14.95 Plus S & H
The Captain Takes Dawn
The Captain led Dawn down to his "Playroom" Once inside The Captain removed Dawn's top and placed her in THE STOCKS. Once The Captain had Dawn securely fastened in the stocks he smirked. He knew EXACTLY how he wanted to use her. The Captain pulled Dawn's skirt down exposing Dawn's RIPE ASS & PUSSY to his view. Knowing Dawn was completely helpless, The Captain went to work giving Dawn the bare ass spanking he knew she needed. Dawn's MOANS & GROANS from the BARE BOTTOM SPANKING spurred The Captain on in his quest to REDDEN DAWN'S ASS. But The Captain not only wanted to see how well Dawn handled pain, but also to hear Dawn as he FORCED ORGASMS from her. Finally, The Captain removed Dawn from the stocks & chained her to ceiling hooks. With Dawn stretched out The Captain had access to all of Dawn. He kept up the punishment on Dawn's ass but when he started biting Dawn's nipples & ramming dildos & vibrators into Dawn, she no longer knew the difference between the pain of the spanking & the PLEASURE of FORCED ORGASMS. After The Captain wore Dawn's ass and pussy out he led her to his SEX SWING & shoved his cock into Dawn's throat, FACE FUCKING her. Then he moved behind Dawn to fuck her DOGGIE STYLE until finally turning her over to POUND HER PUSSY to multiple orgasms until The Captain could hold out no longer & FILLED Dawn's pussy with a huge cumshot that came pouring out of Dawn's abused pussy, dripping onto the floor.

Approx Running Time 45:41
$19.95 Plus S & H
Volume 2 of Dawn's "USED BY BLACKS" Series
Dawn has always been multi-orgasmic. But by the time these BIG BLACK DICKS have finished Dawn's cum SEVEN times. They don't just sex Dawn up. They POUND Dawn like she's never been POUNDED before. They FUCKED her PUSSY. They FUCKED her ASS and they FUCKED her MOUTH. They fuck her on a mattress thrown on the floor. The fuck her on the couch and they fuck her bent over the couch in one of the HARDEST ANAL POUNDINGS I've ever seen Dawn take. Dawn's first orgasm comes 6 minutes into the video while riding on top of a VERY THICK COCK. But he has more in store for Dawn as he bends her over the arm of the couch and STUFFS his massive dick up her ass which brings Dawn to her 2nd Orgasm in the first 10 minutes. Orgasm 3 comes at the 20 minute mark with Dawn getting her pussy HAMMERED while another dick is STUFFED BALLS DEEP down her throat. Orgasm 4 just 3 minutes later is achieved while Dawn is getting Fucked Doggie Style. Orgasm 5 comes with Dawn on her back again, in one on one action. Orgasms 6 and 7 has Dawn on Top riding a huge buck for all she's worth. By the end of this video Dawn was happy to be kneeling in front of the final black cock with that "FEED ME" look, anxiously waiting for the reward she deserved and worked so hard to get.

Approx Running Time 51:21
$19.95 Plus S & H
Bachelor Party Gangbang
Dawn had just finished shooting Volume 2 of "Used By Blacks" and we were getting ready to pack up for the night and head home. A knock came on the door and it was a white guy that had shot with Dawn on several occassions. He told us that he had heard from several black guys that Dawn was in the hotel fucking. He explained to Dawn that a good friend of his was getting married and they were in the hotel for a night out. He asked Dawn if she'd shoot with him and the groom to be. Dawn was pretty wore out and sore from the pounding she had taken from all the black guys earlier but she agreed to fuck the best man and soon to be groom. After both guys fuck Dawn BAREBACK and CREAMING her sore pussy, they further explained that they were actually having a bachelor party just down the hall and they knew the guys at the party would just love it if she would just stop by and at least say hi. Dawn agreed to a quick visit and was greeted by about NINE guys who swarmed her as soon as she entered the room. They started complimenting her on her outfit and telling her what fans they were of her websites. The quick visit very shortly ended up with Dawn on her knees sucking the guys till they were hard and then being placed on all fours as each guy took turns fucking her well used pussy and mouth till each one had finished using Dawn as there personal cum bucket.

Approx Running Time 88:00
$19.95 Plus S & H
Volume 1 of Dawn's "USED BY BLACKS" Series
Dawn's movie "USED BY BLACKS" is an all interracial gangbang. Nine big black bulls met Dawn at a hotel suite. They had her on her knees in no time sucking their cocks till they were hard and ready to use Dawn. They fucked her on the bed. They fucked her on the dresser. They fucked her on the couch. They fucked her mouth. They fucked her pussy. They fucked her ass. They even gave Dawn her FIRST EVER all Black DP. Now I'll tell you, Dawn LOVES black cock, and I've watched her get gangbanged numerous times, but I have NEVER seen Dawn cum so many times in one night. Dawn's screaming orgasms in this video will have you shaking your head in disbelief. This DVD has it all. Anal, Oral, DP, Messy Facials, Creampies and even a scene where Dawn gets the cum fucked right out of her mouth as she cums while being fucked doggie styles after taking a load in her mouth.

Approx Running Time 40:21
$19.95 Plus S & H
Florida Mandingos Gangbang Dawn
The Florida Mandingos are a group of big dicked men that take extreme pleasure in fucking white women. Dawn was invited to one of their private parties where the women are used as toys for the men's pleasure. The leader of the Florida Mandingos cheers his group on and barks out orders as the Mandingos use all three of Dawn's holes. This TOTALLY BAREBACK MOVIE has something for everyone from deepthroat face fucking to a big black cock pounding Dawn's asshole, which concludes in Dawn's FIRST EVER ass to mouth scene.
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